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Holy purple cow! It’s a “make money online” blog that is actually useful and that you can learn a lot from!

The more money that and other sites make online, the more others are inspired to try and start their own site. It’s definitely a great thing as making money online is one of the best ways to make a dollar! Unfortunately, there are a lot of amateurs out there whose attempts at making money online are…..quite lame and useless.

Courtney Tuttle’s blog is the exact opposite of those. It’s original, interesting and most importantly for you - useful!


Tuttle teaches you what you need to know


Courtney Tuttle worked as a consultant for an internet marketing firm for two years before his hobby of creating websites progressed to the point where it became his full-time income. His About page describes the site as “explaining things in a manner that is easy to understand” and that’s exactly what he does.

Despite his experience, you won’t find any long-winded philosophical debates on the ethics of paid links on his site, but you will find posts like the beginner’s guide to top Google rankings which is inherently more useful.

That’s not to say that Courtney’s blog is aimed at the beginner or newbie - far from it - but the man has a gift for explaining things simply and for seamlessly mixing the advanced topics with the basic tricks that everyone needs to know.

Courtney has received a lot of link-love since his site started in February and a lot of it has been due to his originality and being the first to cover important topics. Check out these gems:

What I absolutely love about all of those posts (and most on the blog) is that they all provide you with actions and tasks that you can do immediately after reading them. Courtney shows you exactly how to do the things that you need to do in order to achieve your goals!

D-List destroys the A-list

I’ve known about Courtney’s site for a while and it first came to my attention in April this year when he promoted a list that has become one of the best kept secrets in how to get great search engine rankings - The D-List!

The D-List is a list of blogs that have the ‘no follow‘ link disabled in their comments. This means every time you leave a comment on one of these blogs, you get an actual bone fide backlink from the blog!

Courtney has been maintaining a list of these blogs and it has now extended to well over 200 sites spread across 5 pages!! If you’re looking for some quick Google listings, the D-List is invaluable!


Somehow it seems so much more useful than spending your times on the A-list sites…

Who wants a pimpin’ SEO theme?

Unlike many other bloggers, Courtney doesn’t just blog about Search Engine Optimization. He also takes existing popular (and free!) Wordpress themes and overhauls them so that they’re 100% search engine friendly and provide you with pimpin’ SEO.


He’s got nearly 20 themes pimped out and ready to go at the moment and the list includes the extremely popular “Misty” theme. If you’re looking for a new theme or want to upgrade your SEO, it’s definitely worth checking out the tweaked themes on offer from Courtney’s site.

But wait…there’s more!

I told you this site was useful - Courtney also maintains a list of plugins that he’s using on the site so if you want to know how he does something or if you’re looking for some new bells and whistles to add to your own site, his plugin page is a great place to start.

For the new blogger, Courtney also has a very useful list of tools that he recommends you use on a daily basis to build your site. He has some of the most useful keyword tools available to help you research and build your keyword rankings. Not just for the beginner, there are a few tools in there even experienced webmasters will find useful.

Made to rank

It’s quite obvious that the site has been designed with SEO in mind and as such it’s quite hard to fault from a design perspective. The SEO not only makes it a great ranking site but also makes it easy to navigate and find your way around.

Combined with great posts that makes it a pretty rockin’ site!


Despite this, I feel that the sidebar is in need of a rethink. It’s incredibly long and elements like the “How much is my blog worth” widget are a bit outdated and don’t really add anything useful to the site. Nobody believes the site is really worth $369,209!

Furthermore, when the Top Commentators plugin shows the top commentator as having left 3 comments, you have to wonder whether it’s presenting a great image for the site. It kind of takes the shine off the fantastic 440 RSS subscribers that Courtney has gathered.

Always useful

I’ve been subscribed to Courtney’s blog for about two months and whenever it shows up in my reader with a new post I know that I’m going to learn something new and that it’s going to be useful. The blog averages about one post per day and that means the posts are always high quality and that I don’t have to swim through any posts about his lunch to get to the good stuff.


I’ve personally learned a lot of great tips from the site so I’ll continue to follow it and recommend that you do the same. Click here to subscribe to Courtney Tuttle.

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