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How To Make $1000 In 24 Hours

Here’s how I would make $1000 in less than a day!

One of my favorite ‘idea-generating’ techniques to help me make money online is to imagine the situation where the blogging mafia is going to help me ’sleep with the fishes’ unless I manage to come up with $1000 by tomorrow. It’s a little twisted, but it definitely works to help me generate new strategies and plans!

Here’s how I’d do it:

Announce paid review prices will increase to $200 - I usually receive one or two review requests per week. With an announcement that prices will increase drastically, I predict that I could pull at least five orders at the current $80 rate. Money made: $400

Sell ten lifetime links - If I can sell ten monthly links for $15 each, it should be easy to sell fifteen lifetime links for $20 each. Money made: $300

Pimp out my banner ads for a year - CashQuests currently has seven banner ad placements that start at $60 per month. I predict that they’d be gone in a few hours if I offered them at $30 for the rest of the year. Money made: $210

Open up the footer - You’d buy able to buy my entire footer for life to put anything you like in there. That’s got to be worth at least $50. Money made: $50

Feedvertising - I haven’t done it on CashQuests yet, but looking at current market rates it would be a bargain to advertise in my feed for $40 for the rest of the year. Money made: $40


Of course, I could probably just as easily sell the entire site for a thousand dollars but that would destroy any future income. The lifetime links would also annoy me, but at least the blogging mafia wouldn’t be at my door!

This example is very specific to so I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’d do it.

If your life was at risk, how much online cash could you make in 24 hours? $50? $100? $10,000? How would you do it?

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really one of the most illogical and dumbest posts I have ever seen. selling out ypur whole site for a period of a year to lifetime would be shooting yourself in the foot.

what the hell kumiko?

by mubin


OMG, there’s a Blogging Mafia :shock:

by Courtney TURTLE


i dobt you could pull that off in 24 hours.

by Israel


It helps that you have a fairly substantial readership. Not Shoemoney or Chow readership, but substantial nonetheless.

Even when I announced the 90% off review sale on my blog, it didn’t really “catch” until it was blogged about here and on John Chow dot Com.

by Michael Kwan


@Mubin - Perhaps you missed it in the post, but it was just a hypothetical on how I believe it would be possible to raise $1000 in 24 hours if the cash was urgently needed. I could just as easily sell the site for over $1000.

by Cash Quests


Ha ha ha.. Dont want to follow this tips…
I think one more tips :-
Sell for 1,000..
I think you can get the money fast…

Just joking..

by shy guy


Besides the hypothetical nature of the post i still agree with Mubin that this is possibly one of the most ridiculous posts i have read.

I look forward to reading more of your usual stuff in the future.

by Neil Duckett


Shoulda saved this post April 1st/

by Mubin


Someone else commented and said they doubted you could do that in 24 hours, but I know you could pull it off, Kumiko!

However, if I were doing things like that, I would never sell anything “lifetime”. In my opinion that’s just a stupid career move.

by Tay


I’d just let everything run as usual. $1,000 days are pretty routine in affiliate marketing :)

by Chad


Sell my guitar collection on eBay. The only problem is a 24 hour auction wouldn’t net as much as a 7 day one. Of course, then I would be without some great guitars.

Another would be to catch a popular event wave with the right affiliate offer and a PPC campaign to a good landing page. I know some people who probably cleared over $1000 in a couple of days on the recent celeb meltdowns using this technique. It’s a bit sleazy for my taste but it works.

by Frank C


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Haha nice seo post! :mrgreen: Let us know how many hits this post brings over time. :twisted:

by Laura


[...] How to make $1000 in 24 hours [cashquests] [...]

by Around the Net - 10/27/2007 | knupNET


If I needed the money that bad, I still wouldn’t sell lifetime links. I know its hypothetical, but probably not your smartest post.

by Thomas Sinfield


I think we should not sell ads places for a lifetime or a year because If we use our ads space intelligently so we can earn more than $10000 per month instead or earn just $1000 for only one day.


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