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How To Make Money Online Uploading Videos - The Ultimate Guide

Is there money to be made online through uploading videos? Ask the owners of YouTube who sold it for US$1.65 billion! The answer is a resounding “Yes!”. The great news is that now a lot of sites have been created that are going to share their wealth with you! Here is the ultimate guide to sites that enable you to make money online by uploading videos:

Break is one of the largest video entertainment websites on the internet and has millions of viewers each month. Their site contains humorous videos and photos that are sent in by their members. Although primarily a video site, Break run a weekly gallery that contains the best of user-submitted photos. If you’re a skilled film-maker, there is BIG money to be made through this site! They pay:

  • $2000 for an original short film. To be considered a short film, the film must be ‘Produced’. This generally means it must contain actors, a story, production staff, editing, etc. Films must be more than three minutes long. If you’re an animator, they’ll also consider flash animated films to be ‘Produced’.
  • $400 for your standard funny web video. This includes such things as stunts, accidents, webcams, dances and funny pets. Basically, the usual funny videos that get circulated around the internet.
  • $50 for every original ‘Girl of the Day’ picture that is published. The ‘Girl of the Day’ features an attractive lady wearing very little!
  • $500 for the top rated ‘Girl of the Day’ for each month.

In order to get the money, media must be original and make it to the front page of the Break website. What videos make it to the front page is determined by the Break staff. The front page usually contains about 10 videos, so in this respect your video must be quite good (funny) to get the money. But there is a lot of money on offer if it is good.

Flixya is a revenue sharing site that shares the Google Adsense revenue earned from the page displaying your video. To start, you’ll first need to give them your Google Adsense account ID. Flixya will place Adsense ads around your video and when they are clicked on, they’ll split the revenue earned with you 50/50. They also run a referral program where if you refer a member to Flixya, you will receive an additional 20% from their video ads.

On top of cash, they also run a points program:

  • 15 points is given for referring a member.
  • 10 points is given for sharing a video
  • 3 points is given for leaving a comment.

The point system is important as the points can be exchanged for goods. 30,000 points (3000 videos) will get you a $100 gift card to popular clothing stores and 600,000 points will earn you an Apple MacBook Pro! But you’ll need to upload a LOT of videos (60,000 to be exact) for that!

On the surface, it seems like a nice earner as it doesn’t appear that videos have to be original. They can uploaded from sites such as YouTube, MySpace or Google. However, I see two drawbacks:

  • Viewers are not likely to click on ads surrounding a video. They are there to watch the video and text ads distract from the viewing experience - not enhance it. Ads are often not relevant to the video and I can’t see it having a high click-through rate.
  • Flixya is not a popular site. The most viewed video only had roughly 78,000 views which isn’t much when compared to other video sites. If 5% of viewers clicked on the ads and the ads payed an average of $0.20 each, the uploader wouldn’t even make $400.

If Flixya grows, there is the potential to make some serious money, but at this stage of the game, you are better off with other sites.

Metacafe has a unique earning model in that you are paid purely based on the amount of people that see your video.

From their site:

“Metacafe will pay you $5 for every thousand views your video gets on our site. Payment starts after your video reaches 20,000 views and has a rating of 3.00 or higher - which tells us that the viewers like the video. On top of that, the license to Metacafe is a non-exclusive deal - you retain ownership of your video. Metacafe helps build your brand by marketing your content and making you money.”

With Metacafe claiming to have over 1 million unique visitors per day, there is a lot of earning potential on this site. When I visited the site, a one minute video had received 131,833 views which earned the maker $611! Top-earners on the site have made over $26,000!!

What I love about this site is that your earning potential is based purely on how good your video is. You don’t have to worry about people clicking on ads or how it competes against other videos. If your video is good, you’ll make the money that it deserves!

Another nice feature is the rating system. Viewers rate the video out of 5 and highly rated videos are promoted to the front of the site. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about promoting your video yourself. If your video is good, people will see it.

The only catch is that in order to be eligible for payment, your video must be original. Some videos on the site have received 200,000+ views but as they were taken from TV shows, the uploader was not eligible for payment. You must own the full rights to the video which may mean getting permission from all the people that appear in it.

Furthermore, when you upload a video you give Metacafe the non-exclusive rights to it. That means that Metacafe can display and promote your video any way they choose and in any media. ‘Non-exclusive’ means that you can still make similar deals with other companies.

Also, Metacafe only accepts videos that are suitable for a mainstream audience. That means no adult, erotic, violent or hateful content is allowed. In order to qualify for payment, it must be accepted by their reviewing team.

Payment is available through a US bank account, debit card and Paypal.

Eefoof is similar to Flixya but lacking in a lot of areas. Like Flixya, Eefoof will display ads on the same page as your video. When a viewer clicks on the ads, you get a cut.

In some respects, it’s better than other media sharing sites as you can upload photos and audio. This could make it a lot easier to create media for the site.

However, there are some MAJOR drawbacks to Eefoof:

  • The site is not popular. The most viewed media when I visited it had received just 52 hits. My profile on my homepage receives more than that every day!
  • The content is boring. Granted, the site is still in Beta, but they really need to get some interesting content. I couldn’t find anything even remotely interesting to view.
  • Ads are served by Adbrite. Many publishers believe that Adbrite pays less than Adsense for internet ads. Not only that, but the ads on the site are not related to the video and often poorly placed on the page.

However, the major drawback I found was that it appears that Eefoof takes a whopping 60% of ad revenue earned. Even with a popular video that’s viewed thousands of times, the earning potential isn’t great - except for Eefoof!.

Revver: The site is unique as it pairs your video with a targeted advertisement and embeds it in the video. The ad is three seconds long and shown at the end of the video. When a viewer clicks on the ad, revenue is earned and Revver splits the ad revenue with you 50/50.

The system is unique in that because the ad is embedded, clicks can be tracked wherever the video travels. That means that your video can be e-mailed, posted as MySpace comments or even shared through P2P but you still have the potential to earn ad revenue! This has great potential for the ‘viral-marketing’ videos that get spread around through the office e-mail like wildfire! Videos can even be podcasted through iTunes.

Revver also has a ’share and earn’ system where people can share somebody else’s video on their site and still earn 20% of the ad revenue.

It’s a great system, but there are some negatives:

  • Videos must undergo a 30-day verification period. This is to ensure that the uploaded videos are your original material and that you haven’t been clicking the ads yourself. If you’ve obeyed the rules, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it does mean that you won’t be earning right away.
  • Ads are placed at the end of the videos. I feel that users wouldn’t be inclined to click the ads at the end of the video. I am unsure that many viewers would even recognize it as a clickable ad. Viewers must also watch the entire video to see the ad and, like Adsense, you’re not allowed to ‘encourage’ clicks.

Overall, it’s a good idea and the positives outweigh the negatives. I’ve heard that ‘Ask a Ninja’ is making a fortune from Revver.

Payouts are made once you’ve earned over $20.

LuluTV is an interesting site that works on the previously discussed ad revenue sharing model. You can sign up for free to one of their ‘Shareholder’ accounts and automatically receive unlimited 200 megabyte video uploads. This makes it a decent video site without even considering the earning potential!

With the ‘Shareholder’ account, 80% of the site’s ad revenue gets put in a cash pool. Once you’ve uploaded a video and it’s been played, you get your share of the cash pool based on how much traffic you’ve generated. For example, if the site receives 1 million viewers in a month, and your video attracts 10,000 views then you’d receive 1% of the cash pool. Even one click is enough to get you paid!

Another nice feature they have is a guaranteed cash pool minimum. For example, this month’s cash pool is guaranteed to be at least $5,000. So as long your video gets some traffic, you’re guaranteed to be paid.

The site looks good and the ads are well placed. Furthermore, the site is reasonably popular with some videos getting over 125,000 views. Obviously, if your video is the most popular, you’re going to get a fair share of the cash.

The content is decent but isn’t as interesting as what can be found on other sites.

Payment is made through Paypal but the site does not list what their minimum payout is.

SpyMac is another site that will pay you for uploading videos but how much they will pay you is a mystery! SpyMac claim that they’ve developed a complex algorithm to judge who uploads the best content. They claim that this is based on user comments, ratings, amount of views and the amount of ad revenue generated. However, judging by the design of the site, I doubt that this algorithm (or much else) is very good.

SpyMac just looks ugly! Thumbnails are organized on the front page in a horrible collage that makes it difficult to choose a video. Furthermore, the layout and design of the site makes finding a video incredibly cumbersome. For example, after clicking on a thumbnail that I was interested in, I had to click through four more screens until the media was displayed. At this point I discovered that it wasn’t even a video, but just a photo!

One slightly good thing about the site is the ability to upload photos and audio as well as movies. SpyMac also acts as a social networking site where you can chat with friends, receive video and voice messages through MySpace, share music, build a profile and blog. Membership is claimed to be just over 1 million.

SpyMac claim to be paying around $27,000 this month to their users which means an average payout per user of just under 3 cents!

With this average and their reluctance to divulge their earning system, it’s difficult to believe that this site has any real earning potential. You’re better off forgetting about the money and using MySpace - it’s better.

That concludes the ultimate guide to making money online by uploading videos. In summary, I would rate the sites in the following order (1 being the best):

  1. Metacafe - Great earnings that give good videos the rewards they deserve.
  2. Break - Big money on offer for the top videos.
  3. Revver - Will make money for the viral videos.
  4. LuluTV - Best of the ad revenue sharing sites.
  5. Flixya - Nice points system but won’t create decent earnings.
  6. Eefoof - Mediocre site at best and takes a large cut of your earnings.
  7. SpyMac - Just ugly. Avoid.

So if you’re looking to make money online, get those video cameras out and start filming!!

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Wow. very comprehensive report. However, I’ve been uploading videos to these sites for nearly two years now. Here is my experience:

Metacafe is hard to break through their “peer” system with a rating high enough to qualify for producer awards so a relatively few people get their videos featured regularly, LuLu is a difficult upload with browser problems, eefoof is a waste of time, Break wants exclusivity and basically to own your material on the promise of carrot-stick cash, Flixya hasn’t earned me anything at all and Revver has paid me over $5,000 so far. has a revenue-sharing and syndication program and Veoh’s got some single point distribution syndication features that beats them all.

That’s my two cents.

by Marquisdejolie The Sun Conqueror


Your excellent post has convinced me to sign up for metacafe. Keep up the good work!

by at123


Thanks for your input Marquisdejolie! Your experience with Metacafe is interesting - it seems only the “best of the best” are eligible for the cash! But if you have a video that is….$


by Kumiko


Good report! I’ve only been using Revver so far and am happy with it, making a fair bit with just some boring clips.

It’s worth mentioning though that YouTube will be starting a money making program on the site within the next month or so. With the ammount of traffic that site gets and it’s connection to Google/AdSense it’s looking to be a huge earner.

by Brad


This is a great breakdown of the differnet sites. Good job!

Personally, I’ve posted on a lot of differnet sites, and I like Metacafe best. It actually took me 3 videos, but my third video was accepted, and pretty fast, actually, and I’ve made almost $2000 already in 2 months on 3 videos. Very cool.

by Anonymous


Good to see your well written Ultimate Guide in action, Kumiko.. I think it’s working pretty nicely. =)

by Maki


You should also take a look at AdBrite’s new InVideo service. Brand new and looks pretty interesting.

by Anonymous


[...] been reading Cash Quests since it started and I really enjoy all your posts. I particularly enjoyed How To Make Money Uploading Videos as I learned a lot from it. I wanted to write to you and tell you that you inspired me to start a [...]

by Link Exchanges Are Dead! Long Live Relationship Building! » Make Money Online at Cash Quests

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